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Audio Service

full range of audio service : recording | mixing | mastering | production

Omniphonics was designed to be an optimal environment for music composition, pre-production, production, recording, post-production, and mixing. A welcoming, relaxing, non-threatening, human scaled, “homey” environment. This, we believe, is where true inspiration happens. Without losing your concentration. From conception to completion, we strive to provide the greatest possible final product.

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Sound Recording

Our studio space is designed for the best sound quality and contains diffusers, sound traps, absorption panels and etc.

Audio Mixing


Combine all recorded vocals with instrumental to achieve the harmonic and smooth sound.

Motu Sound Card


Our engineers polish and perfect the entire song by using high-end limiters, exiters, imagers, and spectral shapers.

Motu Sound Card


Audio production involves recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio content.

Your Idea turned into Reality

Give your Music the Love and Quality it deserves.  Even with a small budget, you can start launching yourself as a true Professional, embarking in a Journey towards realizing your Musical Dreams…

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